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Lammers Gelbvieh Cattle
and Boer Goats
Rick, Karri, and Jake Lammers


Lot. 1- Tag# 2161- DOB: 1/1/24

This PB wether is out of a first time Slug Em Doe, and he is really lone sided. Has a cool front.


Lot. 2- Tag# 2149- DOB: 1/1/24

This is an awesome wether that is very stout! Bid butt and forearm.


Lot. 3- Tag# 2150-DOB: 1/2/24

This wether is long sided with a long elegant neck.


Lot. 4- Tag#2144- DOB: 1/2/24

This kid is super thick, from front to back! Big butt and big forearm.


Lot. 5- Tag# 2152- DOB: 1/2/24

This wether mom has produced numerous county fair champions over the years and

His half brothers and sisters are working in several registered operations.


Lot. 6- Tag# 2158- DOB: 1/2/24

Black headed kid, maybe a little smaller frame, was born a quad, but raised as a twin. His

Sister sells as Lot. 15.


Lot. 7- Tag# 2148- DOB: 1/2/24

Black headed kid, that is a twin to Lot. 20. Both are very impressive! This wether

Has excellent muscle and is very stylish.


Lot. 8- Tag#2164- DOB: 1/2/24

This wether is a little bit smaller frame, but very well balanced. Triplet to Lot. 9.


Lot. 9- Tag# 2165- DOB: 1/2/24

Triplet to Lot. 8, with a little longer body. Has a nice sleek neck.


Lot. 10- Tag# 2157- DOB: 1/3/24

This wether has a big forearm, is long sided, long necked, and walks like a cat! Is

A triplet to Lot. 16 Doe.


Lot. 11- Tag# 2168- DOB: 1/3/24

This black headed wether has caught several people’s eye. He is beautiful from the side,

With all kinds of muscle definition. Big butt and big framed. He will be stout!




Lot. 12- Tag# 2141- DOB: 1/2/24

Twin to our entry in the 2024 Heartland Wether Futurity. She has been disbudded due to

Have ugly fish teats. Very stylish, will make a great 4H market goat.


Lot. 13- Tag# 2154- DOB: 1/2/24

A disbudded Purebred Doe kid with a double teat on one side. She is a heavy muscled doe

That will be competitive with wethers. Her dam has raised 2 PB buck that are working in

Other breeders herds.



Lot. 14- Tag# 2171- DOB: 1/2/24

Horned 87.5% percentage Doe kid. Teats are 1 X 1 split, probably still ABGA correct.

Twin to Lot. 19, with a good bite and pigment. Reg# 10959412


Lot. 15- Tag # 2159- DOB: 1/2/24

Horned 93.75% Doe kid with a folded ear. A quad to Lot. 6 wether. Traditional red head with a

Slightly smaller frame. Teats are 1 X 1 NF by 1D 1NF. Good bite and pigment. Reg# 10959421


Lot. 16- Tag# 2156- DOB: 1/3/24

Horned Fullblood Doe kid with a folded ear. A triplet to Lot. 10 wether. Teats are 1 X 1, not much

Pigment yet. Reg#10959429




Lot. 17- Tag# 2151- DOB: 1/2/24

Twin to Lot. 5 wether. Horned, Fullblood doe kid out of one the oldest and most reliable does we own.

This kid has many sisters and half sisters in numerous registered herds. Teats are ABGA correct.

1 X 1 with spur. Good bite and pigment coming in. Sired by Gaston Reg#10959417


Lot. 18- Tag# 2173- DOB: 1/2/24

Horned, 87.50% triplet Doe kid out of a large frame, high capacity, black headed former show

Doe. She is sired by our new buck VTZ 24 Karat. We just love these 24 Karat kids, they were all

Born doe kids, so we are letting one go. They are big boned, long sided, great horn set, good

Bite and pigment. Teats are 1 X 1 NF by 1 & 1 NF. Reg#10959416


Lot. 19- Tag# 2170- DOB: 1/2/24

Horned, 87.50% doe kid. Twin to Lot. 14. Good bite and pigment, teats are excellent 1 X 1. Sired

By Gaston. Reg#10959413


Lot. 20- Tag# 2147- DOB: 1/2/24

Horned 93.75% Purebred doe kid, twin to black headed wether Lot. 7. Dam has a black head.

Good bite and excellent pigment. Teats are 1 X 1 NF by 1 X 1 NF. This PB kid is very good!

Sired by Gaston. Reg# 10959420




Lot. 21- Tag# 2137- DOB: 5/5/23

Is a Registered Fullblood Yearling Doe that was born a triplet but raised as a twin. She is a litter mate

To Lot. 22 Buck. They are out of sync with our other yearlings that are all born in the winter.

Teats are 1 X 1, good bite and pigment. Reg# 10950024


Lot. 22- Tag# 2134- DOB: 5/5/23

Is a Registered Fullblood Yearling BUCK that is a triplet to Lot. 21. He is nice sized, stout young

Buck that has already serviced a doe. Has been DNA tested! Teats are 1 X 1, good feet, bite, and

Full pigment. Leads great on a halter. Reg#10950023