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Lammers Gelbvieh Cattle
and Boer Goats
Rick, Karri, and Jake Lammers
About Us

Lammers Gelbvieh

     We started raising registered Gelbvieh cattle in 1996 and added Balancers to our operation a few years later.  We had been using Gelbvieh Bulls on our commercial cow herd and liked the results.  We are very commercial focused and our cows are handled/managed much like a commercial herd.  If you are in need of bulls or replacement females give us a call.

In 2002 we started raising Boer Goats.  The meat goat industry is growing very rapidly in the United States.  Most people don't realize that goat meat is the most consumed red meat in the world.  With the world's population growing, meat goats play an integral part in feeding the world.  Especially how fast they grow from birth to market weight on a reduced amount of feed.

We provide goat kids fro the 4H and FFA youth programs as well as breeding bucks and does.  Check out our web pages and don't miss our annual online sale the in April.